Digital Marketing:
What separates winners from losers?

Pile of books: "Digital Marketing: What separates winners from losers?" by Christoph Schumacher
Book Digital Marketing

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Video: What you can expect from this book

  • Ever wondered why your marketing strategy didn’t result in the success you hoped for?
  • Find out how to avoid mistake #1 – a mistake most people commit even without realizing it
  • Master and implement effective digital strategies and tactics
  • Practical insights from the frontline of Digital Marketing, written by an entrepreneur.

Christoph Schumacher’s expertise is of highest value for us.
Thanks to his strategies and tactics  we gained the best students for our masters degree.

It is obvious that he knows all the ins and outs in Digital Marketing.

Dr. Anna Straub

Director Executive Master in Arts Administration, University of Zurich

“Does this stuff actually work, and if – how?”

Most entrepreneurs have already tried to gain new customers with Digital Marketing – via Facebook, via YouTube or with their website – but mostly in vain.

You might already have heard sentences like:

  • “Our Facebook Business Page? Didn’t bring us any customers.”
  • “With Google AdWords we’ve only lost a lot of money!”
  • “We can’t generate new prospects with our website.”

Here is some practical advice for you

In other words: They tried to play the game of Digital Marketing – but they lost it.

Therefore I have written this book to show you how you can change that. It shows you the strategic principles behind Digital Marketing and gives as well a perspective on tactical applications.

I am not a blue-sky and theory-loaded guy.
Instead this book comes from the frontline of Digital Marketing, from the real life experience of an entrepreneur.

Made to work not only in theory

I do Digital Marketing on a daily basis – it is the core business of my company, for more than 16 years now.

Besides that I share my knowledge I have in this field, for example as a guest lecturer at the University of Zurich.

Digital Marketing – if done correctly – is not about fancy tools; the point rather is that you become relevant to your customers. 

About the book – Learn how Digital Marketing works practically

As a CEO or entrepreneur you will understand:

  • A New Deal: Why Digital Marketing demands not only new tactics, instead a fundamental shift towards a new strategy.
  • How to build specific processes to attract new business on a regular basis.

As a marketing professional you’ll recognize:

  • Why all the fancy marketing tools won’t benefit you – as long as you commit mistake number one.
  • How to write authentic marketing copy that yields real revenue – without beeing salesy.

As a startup founder you can save your dream:

  • Why focusing on your product only will make you probably a loser – and what to do instead.
  • How to find out what products have a real chance in the market.

Some questions concerning your business you should consider – before your competitor does

There are some new rules in Online Marketing and Digital Marketing that you should know

The winner takes it all – but who exactly is it: You – or …?

Business has changed distinctly in the last years. Digital Transformation has become a striking topic.

Today, your competitors are everywhere – and there are many of them.

Most of all having a deep understanding of how to attract clients automatically  means to be a huge step ahead of your competitor.

Is your Marketing ROI positive?

Yep, Marketing can have a positive ROI – if it is executed professionally. But most entrepreneurs have a different experience:  They tried all the popular digital platforms, but: No ROI, no benefit, no dinero.

Others spend thousand of dollars – on the same platforms, and they yield tremendous revenues.

So, these are the winners of Digital Marketing.

Marketing ROI: How to yield a positive ROI with online marketing
How to find new customers and clients using Digital Marketing strategies and tactics

Does your client attraction system work as intended?

Maybe you know the situation: You have joined every social network, you have a website, even a Facebook business site.

In other words: You have done anything that should be done, right?

But you are not getting news clients.

Nope, not a single one.

In consequence, the seats or you client attraction system are empty.

Is Marketing a perpetual struggle for you?

If you have failed with your Digital Marketing attempts – here is how to change your faith. Most of all you should learn how to build a digital marketing system that works.

Learn to how to do it right – and change the gradient of Sisyphos slope – even make it work for your benefit!

Is Marketing a struggle to you? Learn the rules of Digital Marketing properly, then you will see the nice sides of Online Marketing, and Sisyphos will be happy again.
How to find clients using Digital Marketing strategies

Get ready for new business!

Today we live in the pioneering days of Digital Marketing.

Most of the entrepreneurs will miss the right moment to take action.

They prefer to lean back, to hesistate, to procrastinate. Those will be the losers in the game.

For those, who are willing to lean in, to act, there are tremendous possibilities to gain new business.

Book Digital Marketing

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How this book will make you the smartest marketer in the room

First part
Strategies and basic concepts
of Digital Marketing

Chapters 1- 12

  • “The answers have changed” – Why digital marketing absolutely demands authenticity.
  • The age of mendacity – How a superficial marketing industry has generally just awakened to the need for authenticity in marketing.
  • “But good products are still sold, even without marketing” – Why this is the typical understanding of marketing and why it’s not working any more.
  • The “New Deal” of Marketing – How to end the Cold War with your customers and discover the authentic win-win situation.
  • What you always wanted to know about your target audience – Audience analysis yesterday and today – and what you can do with it right now.
  • How do you find ideas that can make it to the market? – Against intuition, but more effective: Work from solution orientation to problem orientation.
  • The staircase model – the AIDA formula reloaded – What the marketing mix of the 21st century looks like – and why this relationship is in the foreground.
  • Customer Journey, Content Marketing, and Inbound Marketing – Systematically establish and demonstrate authenticity.
  • Attract – From strangers to visitors – How do you appeal to prospective customers and get them to your website?
  • Convert – From visitors to prospective customers and automatically generate leads – How to convince your visitors to take the next step.
  • Close – From prospect to customer – How to systematically develop interest and so automatically gain customers.
  • Delight – From customer to fan – How to deepen the customer relationship and so gain active brand ambassadors.

Second part
Hands on! Proven tactics
of Digital Marketing

Chapters 13- 19

  • Implementing the customer journey – where does one begin? – How to proceed step by step – so that you can benefit from the very beginning.
  • Become s real insider: Intrinsic target group analysis – How to radically improve your knowledge of the target group and gain genuine insights.
  • Your target audience under a magnifying glass: Keyword-analysis – Authenticity at its best – analyze what actually is.
  • Less is more: Long-Tail-Analysis – Recognizing the true intent behind a query.
  • Authentic Data – The natural enemy of the Hi.P.P.O. – a spectacular stealth approach.
  • The Hook – An almost unknown secret weapon of copy writing – When authenticity begins to resonate, the marketing suddenly begins to work.
  • Authentic Marketing Text – There’s a thin line between lies and seduction.

Third part
Some highly effective tactics
for Start Ups and Business Founders

Chapters 20 and 21

  • My Entrepreneurial Vision and I – Mastering the two biggest threats to a successful startup.
  • The Art of Successful Business Creation – Authentic Product-Market Fit: When the customers start to love your product.

Fourth part
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Book Digital Marketing

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